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Publication guidelines

The International Journal of Yezidi Studies welcomes articles which are the result of an original research and make a clear contribution to Yezidi studies in academic fields of the humanities, including:

Furthermore, the journal seeks to complement this range of topics with publications covering questions of migration and forced migration, genocide, conflict, and human rights as well as the public opinion related to these issues. In addition, the journal is devoted to publishing reviews of the latest scholarly books on the religion and culture of the Yezidi people. The journal acknowledges the wide range of opinions held by researchers which are often controversially discussed in academic circles. Scholars of all different schools of thought and with any opinions differing from the ones held by mainstream researchers of Yezidis and Yezidi religion are welcome and encouraged to collaborate.

Manuscripts of articles and book reviews should be written in fairly good English, which does not warrant further editing. When quoting or referring to texts, the “Guidelines for Preparing Footnotes and Bibliography” and “Annex I” should be followed. Articles and book reviews are not limited to a certain number of words. However, the editors reserve the right to request an author to shorten his/her contribution if the length of it exceeds the space available in a particular issue of the journal. All articles and reviews should be submitted in both Word and PDF format. Articles may include pictures, maps, and tables as well as other graphics which must be in a printable format (JPEG preferred) and should not exceed 100 MB.